Lagos Computerised Vehicle Inspection Service (LACVIS) is the inspection arm of the Lagos Vehicle Inspection service. It is a Public Private Partnership initiative (PPP) between the Lagos State Government and some investors. 


Media DNA was contacted to increase awareness of computerized inspection and patronage of the centres by Lagos motorists.


We implemented series of campaigns tagged Sharp Sharp… Inspect your vehicle 15 minutes.’  The campaign was featured on TV, Radio and social media.


  • 135% increase in the number of vehicles that were brought for computerized inspections.
  • LACVIS social media patronage organically increased from a post having less than 10 shares prior to the campaign to posts having over 30 shares.
  • As a keyword search, LACVIS predominantly appears on the first three Google search pages which shows high level of online relevance.
  • As a keyword search, LACVIS appears on the first page of Google when Computerised Vehicle Inspection is searched for.
  • LACVIS had increased appearances on Radio and Television and Print/Online.
  • Increased visits to LACVIS website monitored through the live chat & analytics.